Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Thank you" Letter

A "thank you" letter has a definite psychological value and usually creates a favorable impression in the mind of the employer. It is human nature for an employer to favor the individual who takes the time and effort to express appreciation for the interview. Such letter must be brief and straightforward, and should be timed to reach the interviewer's desk the day following the interview.

Below is a sample:

1574 Maganda Street
Greenfields Subdivision
Antipolo City

January 10, 2011

Manila Survey Company, Inc.
7th Floor, Manila Builder's Center Building
6981 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Attention: Mr. Juan Gabriel, HRD Manager

Dear Mr. Gabriel:

Thank you for the kind consideration you have given my application during the interview of January 9, 2011. It gave me the opportunity to present my qualifications, and make an outline of those additional information not covered by my resume. I appreciate the warmth extended to me, and your candidness in making me at ease during the interview.

Very truly yours,

Jose Revilla Cruz

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